We offer a wide variety of selections on our menus ranging from pizza, lasagna, & grinders to salads & Greek gyros.

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Village Pizza Restaurants have been serving the New Hampshire and Vermont areas for more than 40 years. Each Village Pizza is family owned and operated. We take pride in providing excellent “home cooked” food as well as fast and friendly service.

Over 40 Years Experience
Dine-In and Take Out Services

VILLAGE Pizza & Grill
45 Hanover Street
Lebanon, NH
Phone: (603) 448-2772
Fax: (603) 448-4255

BORN IN 1977
45 Hanover Street
Lebanon, NH 03766

Call ahead for faster service
Phone: (603) 448-1000
Fax: (603) 448-4255

Open Daily: 11:00am – 10:00 pm
Cave Lounge Open Longer Hours

Delivery: 4:00 pm – 9:30 pm

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Village Pizza Connection
Village Pizza Connection05/22/2019 at 11:23am
I think it is strange the term, "Impossible Meat" for a plant based product. Most vegetarians don't want something that tastes or looks like meat. A rare few don't mind. What do you think?
Village Pizza Connection
Village Pizza Connection05/21/2019 at 10:28am
For the nights you have had too much pizza and want to try something new to grill!

I have had alligator sausage before. It's good!
Village Pizza Connection
Village Pizza Connection shared a post.05/20/2019 at 11:28am
Motivation Monday. Keeping in touch with the community and the events that are always happening in the area. Take the time to find an event to attend or contribute to our community. Remember, you can always bring pizza to any event. Pizza is always wanted.
Village Pizza Connection
Village Pizza Connection05/18/2019 at 7:23pm
The most versatile weekend food ever made! Get your dinner and your breakfast while you can.
Village Pizza Connection
Village Pizza Connection05/16/2019 at 3:47pm
This is karma lady. You got your money back but think next time before you take a management decision out on the waitstaff. Good for you for not taking a late tip waiter and doing the right thing. Good karma is yours.